Designing your kitchen

Kitting Out Your Kitchen

You might have an eight-burner hob and a top of the line KitchenAid, but if you’re sitting down for your meals at a white fold out deck table you might want to consider kitting out your kitchen with a new finish and actual furniture. Here are just a few ideas on how to improve your kitchen and make the most of your furniture.

Try Using Some Living Room Furniture

If your kitchen is a bit on the larger size a great way to make it feel comfortable is to try adding a couch or armchair. This will help to make your kitchen feel like more of a social space, rather than just the room you use to make your Vegemite sandwiches. Having a comfy space to sit will also let you use the kitchen for relaxation time, either while you’re cooking or throughout the day. When picking a couch or armchair for the kitchen you should probably try and choose something that is either stain resistant or easy to clean, since you’ll probably be making a mess at some point.

Add Some Colour

In my opinion far too many kitchen’s come in a very cold style, with too much stainless steel or white finishes to the cabinets. You can combat this by adding a splash of colour and warmth to your kitchen with coloured tiles, wood surfaces and patterned blinds or oven gloves. All of these will help to add a little variety to the way your kitchen looks and will help elevate it into a warm cosy room that you enjoy being in. If that all sounds like a step too far, you can always try smaller additions like brushed brass cupboard handles or with a bit of fresh paint on the walls.

Use Interesting Storage

Keeping all your kitchen bits and bobs in plastic containers or at the back of a cupboard may be an easy way to maintain a tidy work space, but it looks a little dull and clinical to me. You can spice up your storage a little and turn it into part of the look/style of your kitchen as a whole, rather than being all functionality and no zing. A suspended pot rack will keep your pots and pans tidied away, while still accessible and they help to give the kitchen a nice and cosy rustic feeling (just make sure that you wash your pots properly before displaying them for the world to see). Spice racks, wicker baskets, coloured glass jars and some plant life will all help to make your kitchen look just that bit more interesting, while still being perfectly functional and easy to use.

Hopefully I’ve given you just a few ideas on how to make your kitchen more pleasant to spend time in, and soon it’ll be your favourite room of the house.

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