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Which Couch is Best for You

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have the ideal couch already picked out in your head, but as soon as you take that first step into the showroom (filled with a mind boggling variety of couches and an oddly oppressive smell), that perfect picture will shoot straight out of your head, never to be seen again. If you’re anything like me, you’ll also be strangely perceptible to sales tactics and you’ll end up going home with a 21-foot leather monstrosity. My point, aside from don’t be like me, is that choosing the right sofa can be hard work. Here are a few of the things that you should have a little think about to make your couch buying experience stress free.


Picking the fabric of your couch is a big deal because A. You’re gonna be sitting on it a lot, B. You’re going to occasionally have to look at it, and C. You want it to last more than 2 months before you can see the floor through the cushions. Leaving taste and style aside, you should think about how your household is made up, and who will be using the couch. If you have pets or kids, then easily stained/damaged fabrics are probably not the best idea. Find what fabric is best for your household first, and then have a look around to find the perfect style to suit your tastes.


The shape of your couch will be mostly informed by what exactly you want to use it for. Is it for socialising? Or is mostly for relaxing back and watching the telly? The depth of the seat will also play a big part in the comfort of the couch, a really deep seat will let you lay back and get properly cosy, but it might make it more difficult to get up from a particularly long Netflix binge. When it comes to shape the best approach is to think about what you want the couch to look like and what you want to be doing with it. Take advantage of the showroom’s obscene variety and number of couches by having a good long sit on each of them, after you’ve done this a few times you’ll have a good idea of exactly what you want.


The filling of the couch is something that, in my philistine ways, I haven’t really thought about much in the past, I mean, a couch cushion is a couch cushion, right? I’m sure any interior designers or furniture experts out there have started to experience a sudden and vicious migraine, but believe me, I really had no clue until a salesperson asked me what filling I wanted. At first I thought they were talking about sandwiches, so I asked for tuna mayo much to their surprise and confusion. I soon learnt that there are two main types of couch cushion filler – feather down and foam. Down is softer but more expensive, while foam is cheaper but more rigid. Like most things in life, a mix of both is apparently the best option, but everyone is different so once again take the time to plop your bum on a few couches to see what filling is best for you.


Choosing the size of your couch might seem like a bit of a no brainer, right? Small room = small couch, big room = bigger couch. Like with all things couch, it turns out that it’s not that simple. You also have to consider the placement of the couch, what other furniture you have and whether you want the couch to be the centrepiece. I’m not at all speaking from personal experience when I say that you should also make sure that you’ve thought about how you want to get the couch into the room, preferably in one piece. A good tip when thinking about size is to use tape to mark out where the couch will sit, this’ll help you to have an idea of how much space it’ll take up. This works even better if you use boxes or books to fill the tape outline a little and give you more of a 3D picture. Once you’re happy with the size that you’re after you’ll find that you’ve narrowed down the list and will be able to walk around the showroom with purpose rather than wandering aimlessly like a lost child.

Well there we are. With just a little bit of research and pre-planning (who knew that thinking things through would make it easier?) you’ll be prepared to start the hunt for your perfect couch and can look forward to sinking back and relaxing. As one last bit of advice, you should try going to a showroom to sit on couches/see them in their natural habitat and then once you know what you want, pick it up online for less. I’ve managed to make great savings on furniture by taking advantage of deals on Groupon.

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