The Ideal Work space

Setting Up the Perfect Office Space

Whether, like me, you work from home or you just spend a lot of time at a desk it can be really important to have a good office space. Here are a few of the things that I’ve found to really help keep things organised and make your office a more pleasant space to be in.

Good Lighting

Squinting at your laptop or monitor in the half-light of a 40-year old desk lamp is not the ideal situation for work. If your office has a window keep the blinds or curtains open to let in some natural light, which will be much better for your mood and focus than any electric lights. If you’re having to go electric make sure that the office is well lit, but there is no glare on your work screen. Yellowish light is the best light for your eyes, as it is not so warm that it’ll make you drift off to sleep but also not too harsh.

Efficient Storage Options

Keeping your work space organised and de-cluttered is a bit of a no-brainer but it’s also important to actually be able to access the stuff you’re storing when you need it. Using a combination of a desk tidies for regularly needed documents, drawers for equipment and open nooks will help you to keep your office space tidy, but still functional.


Colour can have a big psychological impact, so it is worth thinking about the colour of your workplace and how it might be affecting you. Neutral colours like light green, blue or grey are best, while vibrant colours like red can be distracting and will slowly take your attention away from your work. Experiment with some different shades and find the colour that works best for you.
The Right Desk

One of the most important things in your office will be your desk. This is where you’ll spend the vast majority of your time and it will have a big impact on your ability to focus and be creative. I’ve had the misfortune of spending a significant amount of time working from a very small desk while perched on a stool. The novelty of working from an unusual desk wears off pretty fast once the back pain and RSI kicks in.

Prioritise a desk that offers enough space for both your equipment and additional work, so you’re not stuck when you have to work on paper and PC. Try and find a desk that is the right size for your height, so that you’re not stooping over or reaching up all day. Adjustable height desks or multiple working surfaces can be a good choice as these will allow you to work at whatever height is best for you, and even switch up over the course of the day which can have a massive positive impact for your focus and drive.

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