Wood Care

Caring for Wood Furniture

Wood furniture might be attractive, but it can be a pig to care for properly. Luckily, I’m here to point you in the right direction with a few tips and tricks for properly dealing with your wood furniture.

Keep it Out of The Sun

Unsurprisingly for a great big ball of fire, the Sun can do a lot of damage to your wood furniture. The heat and light from the Sun will cause the wood to dry out, warp and become bleached. Obviously, this isn’t ideal, and it will severely impact the life and look of your wooden furniture. The solution to this is simple – don’t put wooden furniture anywhere that it’ll be in sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Regular care can help to alleviate any problems, but once your table has been bleached by the sun there is no going back.

Keep it Away from Heat Sources

Radiators and heaters can damage wood furniture in much the same way as the sun, causing it to warp and dry out, which will make it fragile and susceptible to damage. Either keep your furniture away from heat or minimise the time that it is exposed for – it’s that simple. Make sure you use placemats or cooling racks when placing hot food on the table as well. Keeping your furniture away from heat and at a consistent temperature will keep it healthy and make it last much longer.

Use Wax and Oil

Despite what you might have heard, you really don’t need to wax or oil your wood furniture every week, but doing so every couple of months will help it to keep its shine. The wax will help to protect the wood from dirt and damage and rubbing it with some oil will stop it from getting too dried out (especially important if keeping it out of the sun isn’t an option).
Don’t Use Silicone Sprays

Lots of household cleaning sprays contain silicone which can damage and ruin the appearance of wood. Using silicone sprays will cause a build up of the substance on the wood which can make it feel sticky and give it a very plasticky look – not exactly what you were going for when you choose to get wooden furniture.

Keep it Clean

Regularly cleaning your wood furniture is a must, build ups of dust or dirt can cause stains or a deterioration in appearance and shine. Wiping your table down with a cloth on the dry side of damp will get rid of any muck and dirt, without damaging the wood further. Just make sure you don’t scrub at it with a rough cloth as this will just leave it covered in annoying scratches!

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